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We provide Non-Attorney Services with Attorney Referral Assistance upon request.  We specialize in the preparation of Court document assistance in the State of Florida and most other states.
Let "US" help you . . . help yourself!

Government Buildings

Evictions-Real Estate Unlawful Detainer

Preparation of complaints to be filed in the County or Circuit Courts for mobile homes, real property, commercial property, vacant land, and foreclosure properties.

We Offer You FREE NOTICES With The Eviction Process

Family Law, General Civil And Federal Courts

Family Law: Skilled at preparing a wide range of all family  court forms, including matters involving divorce, custody, support, petitions involving children between unmarried parents, temporary and permanent restraining orders, preparation of Financial Affidavits, responses and more.  We assist you in preparing all documents in the Family Court, in Florida and most other states.

General Civil: We also provide assistance with a wide range of court forms available through the County and Circuit Courts, in Florida and most other states.

Federal: We prepare Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Court documents, Proof of Claims and other Federal Court Forms, in Florida AND MOST OTHER STATES.

Call us now (941)722-2230 Let us know whether we can assist you with your document(s).

Non-Attorney Document Assistance Or We Can Recommend An Attorney(s)  Upon Your Request

When helping you organize all the information necessary for us to assist you in the preparation of your court documents, we also help you evaluate the alternative of attorney representation, and the role an attorney may have in your case.  We offer the best of both, "Non-Attorney Document Assistance, or we can recommend an Attorney(s) upon your request.."  Our service DOES NOT AND CAN NOT give you legal advice, we can only assist the public with preparation of their requested court documents, or typing service. We take pride in our relationship with our customers, and we look forward to continuing that relationship in the years that follow.

Give us a call now (941)722-2230 and make an appointment.  Don't delay!  All court documents have a time period to file, or respond; time may be running out! Please do not ignore your legal issues!  If you have any questions, you should IMMEDIATELY contact a licensed attorney for legal advice to help you understand the nature of your case before proceeding on you own.  Remember we can not give you legal advice, only a licensed attorney authorized to practice law in your state may advise you of your legal rights and remedies.

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